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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 18 April 2014

The Best Moments of Ultima History - Submit Your Comments

Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of the Ultima history have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in Ultima History?

(For example, was it the introduction of a new expansion? Perhaps the defeat of a major dungeon or boss? An amazing faction-vs-faction war?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to highlight the entire…

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AngusM AngusM 3 October 2010

What might *really* be wrong w/the Codex: it isn't like Wikipedia

Yesterday I posted a blog about what I feel might be a fundamental problem with the Codex, and the feedback was pretty negative. I've now come to realize that I arrived at that thinking by trying to rationalize the discipline that Wikipedia has with all their policies, which don't seem to make a lot of sense to me.

Like I said, Wikipedia has all these policies, and I don't see why they are necessary. I do feel that the WP guys know something at that we don't, and I'd like to know what that is. In trying to work out how material could be objectionable, when it isn't erroneous, speculative, subjective, profane, defamatory or giving away of state secrets, I came to realize that it might be in publishing spoilers and proto-spoilers. This was the…

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AngusM AngusM 3 October 2010

Taking all the mystery out of Ultima

I'm thinking of formally taking up this concern in a public forum, but the reason I'm so tentative is that this is a very fundamental issue, and could only be resolved with the vaguest of guidelines.

  • 1 What I thought I wanted for the Codex
  • 2 What I think we're doing to the Codex
    • 2.1 It's not quite a spoiler
    • 2.2 So what do we do about it?
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 Edit:

I think we are all here for just about the same reason, and that's the reason I outline on my user page. That view is that the goodness that is Ultima should be perpetuated in the Codex, and it should be made attractive. At that time I had the naive view that whatever made the Codex look good, made Ultima look good, but I've come to develop a more refined view of this, which is that we can make the Co…

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Fenyx4 Fenyx4 27 August 2010

A Year in Review

It was a little over a year ago that I started [participating actively] on this wiki. At that time we had about 1200 pages, and only two editors with more than 1k edits. One of whom hadn't been active in two years. The other had significantly more than one thousand and, if memory serves, has in the past year doubled his number of edits.

Now we have seven users with over one thousand edits and only one of those is inactive and a few more soon to hit that mark as well. I look back at what I've accomplished over the past year and I feel like I've mostly just polished a few things and spackled in a few holes. But I look at the state of the wiki a year ago and the state of it now and the change is dramatic. Before it was daunting how many games …

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