The Birthplace of Moriens

The Birthplace of Moriens lies deep within the Upper Catacombs, near the entrance to the Shrine of the Ancient Ones. It was here, where the first Necromancer, Moriens, was born. This place has become a sacred place, and every new Necromancer comes here on a pilgrimage to see a fantastic vision (everyone sees something different). It is considered the final piece of the voyage.

The Avatar also was sent there on pilgrimage, but chose to ignore the Birthplace. The Avatar instead found the entrance to the Shrine, a far more important location in the quest to leave Pagan.

Trivia Edit

  • The Birthplace was a well-known bug in Ultima VIII. Originally, it didn't exist, there was only the sign "Towards fate you go". The patch added the birthplace.
  • However, despite what Vividos say, there still is no vision. That, the patch didn't fix.
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