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Bentic, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Bentic is a scholar living in Tenebrae on Pagan, directing the local library in the eastern part of the city. He is of rather frail health, thus his thirst for adventure was re-directed to books.

Prior to meeting the Avatar, Bentic wrote The Chronicle of Pagan and was very good friends with Devon and Cyrrus. Indeed, it was Devon who suggested that the Avatar meet Bentic in Ultima VIII. Bentic offered much information about Pagan and also told the Avatar a lot about his surroundings, mentioning that more information could be found in the library. When asked about the book he was currently reading, he revealed, slightly embarrassed, that he was the author and gave the Avatar a copy (the Chronicle). When asked about leaving Pagan, Bentic couldn't help, since that was outside of his knowledge, but suggested the Avatar seek the wise Mythran on the Plateau–an old scholar with whom he had worked.

Mordea's dictatorship eventually caught up with Bentic. Bentic had discovered that Mordea wasn't the rightful Tempest; that was her older half-brother Devon. For discovering the truth, he was executed. But his work was not in vain as the Avatar later discovered Bentic's notes and the truth was revealed in time to prevent Devon's execution and end Mordea's reign.


  • Telling Cyrrus that Bentic had been killed will shock him.
  • Returning to Bentic while he's still alive reveals that he has made some research about that Avatar's name. Surprisingly, the name means "hero", another word for, as Bentic adds, "Avatar".