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Beh Lem
Beh Lem, from Ultima VI
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VI
Location: Hythloth

Beh Lem (which means "Just one") is a young Gargoyle who joins the Avatar as a companion in Ultima VI in the Realm of the Gargoyles.

He had been secretly studying the Britannian language from Captain Johne, who was living in dungeon Hythloth. Beh Lem was young and wingless but said that he would grow wings as he matured. He believed that Gargoyles and Humans should make peace. Without Beh Lem, the Gargoyles saw the Avatar as a threat, but his presence pacified them. Together with the Avatar, he managed to return the Codex to the void, and his dream of peace was fulfilled.

Beh Lem is not officially seen again after these adventures.


  • Beh Lem doesn't speak English very well, so it is impossible to speak with him, until his language is learned.
  • Strangely enough, no one in Britannia reacts even in the slightest when Beh Lem is in the party.
  • His "father" (if you can use this term for Gargoyles) is Valkadesh.
  • Whereas all the other characters in the party can ride a horse in Ultima VI, Beh Lem will refuse to do so, responding emphatically that "Horses are for food!"