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Bane, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Daemon's Crag

Bane is a Sorceress living in Daemon's Crag on Pagan.

She was the first person the Avatar met in the enclave in Ultima VIII. She appeared very friendly and told the Avatar a great deal about the enclave and the Sorcerers and their rules. She also spoke about the element of fire. After having measured the Avatar's usefulness, she revealed that she feared that Vardion, the First Acolyte, was plotting to kill their master Malchir. Under the pretext of foiling the plot, she tasked the Avatar with finding out Vardion's truename. She further entrusted the Avatar with her truename, and agreed to sponsor his studies in sorcery.

The Avatar then went out to gain Vardion's trust and his truename.

There are two possible outcomes:

Variant A

The Avatar trusted Vardion's claims that in fact Bane was the one plotting, so gave Vardion Bane's truename. Vardion used this information to summon a daemon to destroy Bane.

Variant B

The Avatar told Bane Vardion's truename. It turned out that she merely wished to kill him to advance her own position. After summoning a daemon to kill Vardion, Malchir scolded her for doing something so foolish, being forced to promote her to First Acolyte. As such, she was responsible for the Avatar's training.

She gave the Avatar information about the magic of Sorcery, and oversaw the first tests of spell creation, before sending the Avatar to the Obsidian Fortress. She later assisted in the summoning of Pyros. After the Avatar received the Tongue of Flames by killing Malchir in a duel, she bowed to the Avatar, in recognition of her better.


  • Two mistakes in the summoning of Pyros results in Bane's death.