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Balakai, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Barrab Tribe

Balakai is the shaman and chief of the Barrab Tribe in Savage Empire.

When the Avatar first met Balakai, the shaman was distraught by the sickness that was devastating his son Nakai. He told the Avatar that only a special root from the large mesa to the north could cure his son's affliction, and beseeched his help. When the Avatar successfully returned with the root, Balakai was able to heal his son. He was so pleased that he was willing to unite his tribe against the Myrmidex menace. He was also quite willing to heal the Avatar's party after his help.

A great shaman, he had defeated many of the other shaman throughout Eodon. He told the Avatar how he had defeated Tuomaxx of the Disquiqui Tribe as well as Topuru of the Urali Tribe. Tuomaxx had been angered by the Barrab's constant harassment of the Disquiqui, so came to duel with Balakai. Despite receiving many pokes from the angered Tuomaxx, he managed to convince the Disquiqui chieftain that he had stolen his mind by using a harmless blue stone. He had trained his daughter Nakola to pretend to lose her mind when he used the blue stone, and thus Tuomaxx was easily convinced that his mind had been stolen too. Tuomaxx though was almost glad to seen his mind gone. Balakai also used this same scheme to defeat Topuru, and told the Avatar that Topuru's mind could be restored by using any blue stone.

Balakai also claims to have fought the Sakkhra leader Sysskarr, and to have won, despite Syskarr's claim of victory.