• Words of Power: AN ZU
  • Reagents: GS, GA
  • Circle: Linear

Sleep spells of the enemy and sleep-fields are really annoying. So what to do, when the allies of the spellcaster fall asleep on the spot in a rather untimely manner and place? The spellcaster has to use this spell, and to no cost, the ally wakes up with no ill effects. Note that this is for one person, for a whole group, the spell Awaken All is needed.

The Orange potions fulfill the same purpose as the spell.


Should you or any of your followers ever be so unfortunate as to come under the influence of a magically induced slumber, the use of a Spell of Awakening will often alleviate the condition. It is a simple spell which may be cast by the beginning student of the mystic arts with little effort or cost. It requires the use of Ginseng for its healing qualities and Garlic in order to ward off the coming of sleep until the victims body has returned to its normal cycle of wakefulness and rest. Blend the two reagents carefully and apply the mixture to the brow of your sleeping companion and chant “levate” loudly.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

An Zu, which requires a simple mixture of ginseng and garlic, is used to awaken sleeping comrades. An Zu has limitations; it works only on members of the caster's party, it awakens only one person per casting, and it has no lasting preventive effect.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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