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Auston, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Auston is the mayor of Vesper in Ultima VII. A serious and honest man, he yet sometimes feels overwhelmed with his work and responsibility.

The Avatar met him in Vesper in Ultima VII. He told the Avatar that he felt overwhelmed with his work sometimes, if not for his secretary, but that he would make sure that law and order were the norm, as he was responsible for that. He told about some of the inhabitants, although he admitted not to know many of them personally, showing a clear dislike for Blorn, a real troublemaker. He also mistrusted the Gargoyles, but wasn't part of the Britannian Purity League, nor was he a racist like his secretary Liana.

He was well aware how difficult the situation between Gargoyles and human was in Vesper, what made his work even more complicated. Indeed, several people later told the Avatar how they felt that Auston was a weak mayor, Yvella even suggesting that the Avatar should take over as mayor.