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Arthurian Legends was a planned, but never completed, role-playing game from Origin Systems.

Some interviews with Richard Garriott at the time of Ultima VII suggested the creation of an Worlds of Ultima game taking place after Ultima VII where the Avatar would have ended at the time of King Arthur and the Round Table, thus making it a Worlds of Ultima game. However, it appears that the project quickly shifted to a fully Arthurian based RPG with no relation to the Ultima series, because of the lack of success the Worlds of Ultima games suffered.

The Story[]

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  • While the Worlds of Ultima games used the Ultima VI engine, Arthurian Legends was set to use the same engine as Ultima VII.
  • Before it was cancelled, the game was completely designed, maps done and a lot of character art done. Quest construction had begun.
  • While Arthurian Legends was cancelled, it didn't mark the end of Origin's idea to use the technology created for Ultima for other games, with System Shock being produced using Ultima Underworld's engine and the Crusader series using the Ultima VIII engine.

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