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Argentrock Isle, City of Theurgists

Description and History[]

Argentrock Isle

On this small island, which can only be reached via a bridge, Stratos gave Stellos her first message of wisdom, and where Stellos lost his eyesight. So the Theurgists build their monastery on this island as well, mostly independent from the outside world.

Beside the monastery with its extensive cave system, and the surrounding buildings, another point of interest exists on Argentrock Isle. Windy Point is where one of the Tests of Enlightenment is conducted, above which resides Stratos.

Otherwise the Theurgists live rather withdrawn and the island hasn't much else to offer, beside some misguided ones who paid for their curiosity with their lives.


This small islet, reached only by a bridge, is home to the monastery of the Order of Enlightenment. There the Theurgists have the opportunity to attend to their studies in the peace and quiet necessary to achieve Enlightenment and Purity. Those Theurgists who learn well the lessons of Stratos are permitted to visit Windy Point, where a truly pure Adept might hope to hear the Mystic Voice.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


Things to see[]

Map of Argentrock Isle


  • The mystic sword Protector can be found in the basement beneath the island.

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