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Arcadion, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Daemon
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Mountains of Freedom

Arcadion is a powerful Daemon. He has a sarcastic personality and loves black humor. He is a key player in Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two, and he is bound in the Black Sword.

Arcadion, much to his displeasure, was bound by Erethian into a mirror on the Isle of Fire over 200 years before Ultima VII. Before the Avatar's arrival, he was further enraged that the dragon Dracothraxus had stolen his only way out of his prison, the Ether Gem, and offered to help the Avatar in exchange for retrieving the gem and setting him free. Upon retrieving the gem, Arcadion begged the Avatar to smash the mirror with it, thus binding him to the gem. However, Arcadion was disappointed as the gem only became a more mobile prison, making the Avatar his new master. Accepting his new servitude in resignation, he bonded with the Black Sword on request, giving it powers, and enabling him to destroy Dracothraxus.

In Ultima VII Part Two, he was separated from the Avatar by a teleport storm. When they were reunited in the Mountains of Freedom, Arcadion denied his services, having grown quite rebellious, and the Avatar was forced to free Arcadion to defeat Lorthondo, who promptly dispatched the mage by blowing him to pieces. However, Arcadion showed surprisingly some honor and left the Avatar unharmed, before leaving.

Arcadion was last met in Ultima VIII on Pagan in the Obsidian Fortress. He was one of the Sorcerers, and was the test instructor for that part of the exam. But he had no memory of all the events surrounding him and the Avatar. When the Avatar later visits the Obsidian Fortress, Arcadion is gone.


  • In the Dialogue Patch for Ultima IX, the Daemon in Moonglow becomes Arcadion.
  • In Ultima VII Part Two there is a sound file that may have been meant to play after releasing Arcadion. In it he says "I have paid my debt to thee and our bargain is concluded. I shall not aid thee again. Beware the Banes of Chaos, Avatar."(audio)