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The Ararat

The Ararat was the ship of Captain Johne, and his greatest pride. However, the ship was swallowed by a whirlpool, and washed ashore on an island deep within the Underworld beneath the dungeon Despise.

Much later, in Ultima V, the Avatar found Captain Johne still living in the wreck of the ship. Johne told the Avatar how the three shards of the Gem of Immortality had driven him insane, making him kill his three friends. From their bodies the Shadowlords arose. The Avatar rescued Johne, and the Ararat was left behind.

Following the collapse of the Underworld, the wreck was lost.


One day, not really all that long ago, a furious maelstrom sprung up from nowhere to swallow Captain Johne's ship, dragging captain and crew into the lightless void beneasth the waves. 'Twas a shipwreck far more grievous than thou art thinking, for upon that day was Britannia's fate truly sealed. Still the Captain lives, though the same cannot be said of his erstwhile crew.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)


  • Even though the Ararat is a wrecked ship, the "keep" icon was used to represent it on the Underworld map.
  • The Tale of Captain Johne by Michael D. Hilborn is based upon Captain Johne's story from Ultima V, and expands upon the story of the Ararat. The complete text can be found at: http://www.biggles2k.com/johne/ttocj_toc.html