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Aramina, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: City Palace

Aramina is Mordea's servant on Pagan.

The Avatar first met her in the City Palace of Tenebrae in Ultima VIII. However, she was unable to speak with the Avatar, and revealed that that she was found in her free time during the time of Bloodwatch in her house in the eastern part of the city. She was very reluctant to speak about Mordea or Salkind - indeed the "Hear Truth" spell revealed that Mordea abused her and Salkind sexually harassed her.

When Vividos needed the Ritual Dagger, she gave the Avatar the key to it under the promise she wouldn't get in trouble. After Devon took his rightful place as Tempest, Aramina became much happier since Devon was a wonderful man. She now spoke openly about how she had been harassed and revealed that she and Devon had a thing for each other.