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Apollonia, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Apollonia, a buxom woman in her mid-30s at the time the Avatar met her, was the owner and barmaid of the The Honorable Hound Pub and Inn in Trinsic during Ultima VII.

She was likely one of the first people the Avatar met after arriving in Britannia in Ultima VII, given her establishment's proximity to the stables in which Christopher's body was found after his murder, meeting her while she was busy with the preparations for the day. Apollonia, like all of the inhabitants of Trinsic, was shocked by the crime, but claimed that she hadn't seen or heard anything that could be helpful in the quest to solve it.

She also offered the usual tavern and inn services and made the Avatar aware of Silverleaf meal, claiming that it is probably one of the best foods in Britannia (despite it actually having no food value, namely 0, at all).


  • Apollonia's behaviour is different between a male and female Avatar. A male Avatar will get considerable attention from her, and will also have the option of flirting back.