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Apaton, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Yolaru Tribe

Apaton is the chief of the Yolaru Tribe in Savage Empire. Apaton's tribe captured Dr. Rafkin after the attack by Darden. The tribe was impressed by Rafkin's knowledge and experience, and had wanted to proclaim him shaman. Apaton was reluctant to let Rafkin go, but when Rafkin threatened to use his "powers" to turn him into a toad, he quickly changed his mind.

Apaton told the Avatar that the two biggest threats to his tribe were the Kurak Tribe and the Myrmidex. Unfortunately, their weapon maker was killed in a previous Myrmidex raid, so they had few weapons available. He was willing to unite his tribe against the Myrmidex in exchange for 10 obsidian swords from the Nahuatla.