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Apathas, from Ultima VIII
Species: Zealan God
Ultima VIII
Location: Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Apathas is the god of Balance in Pagan.

For many millennia, he was there for his people, being a manifestation of balance, justice, fairness and neutrality. For the Zealans, he was one of the three gods of emotions. But his time came to an end, when the Guardian together with the four Titans conquered the land, slaughtering his followers. Since then he was only a shadow of himself.

The Avatar met him together with Amoras and Odion in Ultima VIII at the Shrine of the Ancient Ones. Together with the others, he instructed the Avatar how to get the Obelisk Tip and how to use it, thus in the end destroying the ones who almost destroyed them: the Titans.


  • He is the father of Remvatos, The Observer, who is credited for writing the Ultima VIII Clue Book.
  • He is voiced by Rob Corell.