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Annon, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Britain
Description: Member of the Great Council


Annon is a mage found at The Wayfarer Inn in Britain in Ultima V and a member of the Great Council.

Annon had to go into hiding after Blackthorn transformed Britannia into a dictatorship. Hiding in a secret cellar in Britain, he only came out during the night to get the things the owners had prepared for him and look at the night sky.

The Avatar found him after midnight on the upper floor of the inn. Annon spoke about the dissolution of the Great Council and the words of power, which were needed to unseal the dungeons. He knew the Word of Power for the dungeon Despise, but would only reveal it if the Avatar had a karma of at least 80 (starting karma is 75). He also directed the Avatar to the next council member in Minoc.