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The Ankh of Spirituality
The Ankh of Spirituality.png
The Ankh of Spirituality, from Ultima IV
Species: Ankh
Ultima IV
Location: Skara Brae
Description: silver ankh

The Ankh of Spirituality is a silver ankh that could be found in the middle of Skara Brae during Ultima IV.

The Ankh knew about the rune of Spirituality and about the Shrine of Spirituality, but would only divulge information regarding them if the person asking knew the mantra of Spirituality.

The Stranger, after learning the mantra from Barren, talked to the Ankh, which told the hero that the rune was in the treasury chamber of Castle Britannia. It also told the Stranger that to reach the Shrine, the hero would have to enter a moongate when both moons were full.