The ankh amulet trinket included with Ultima IV


The ankh amulet as seen in the Ultima V introduction sequence

The ankh amulet is an item of power and virtue.

The Stranger found it at the circle of stones in Ultima IV, where it was the key to entering the Quest of the Avatar. It remained in the Avatar's possession and was used to great effect in Ultima V, together with the Codex Coin, to call forth a moongate to Britannia.

The amulet was further seen in Ultima VI, wherein the Avatar wore it from the beginning. It made a brief appearance along with the Orb of the Moons in the introduction sequence of Ultima VII; later, an ankh amulet purporting to belong to the Avatar was found in the Royal Museum.

The amulet was worn by the Avatar in Ultima VII Part Two for a short time before being lost in the teleport storms that ravaged the party upon their arrival on Serpent Isle.

At the conclusion of Ultima IX, what appeared to be an ankh amulet was recovered by Raven in the aftermath of the Avatar's final encounter with the Guardian.

An ankh amulet can be found in the northwest caverns of the 8th level of the Abyss in Ultima Underworld I.

The ankh as a trinket Edit

When Ultima IV was shipped, every box of the original release included a replica of the ankh from the game. It was made from pewter and could be worn on a chain as an amulet. The Dragon Edition of Ultima IX also shipped with an ankh amulet. Depending on the region of sale, it was either small and bronze or larger and silver in appearance, more akin to that included with Ultima IV.

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