In the underwater city

The underwater city of Ambrosia is where the gargoyles retreated to in Ultima IX, a city on the ground of the ocean, protected by a huge dome.

After the Great Cataclysm, the gargoyles of Britannia isolated themselves from the human population and decided in their growing pride to build a city at the ground of the ocean, where no human would reach them, and name it after the lost island of Ambrosia which had sunk during the cataclysm. This did not go without conflict, and they in the end exiled their own king, Vasagralem, which in turn created a schism in gargoyle society, now that a uniting government was gone.

The great inventor Wislem was credited with this "unbreakable" dome. However, his pride would be the gargoyles' doom, as during the Avatar's visit to the city, the dome did start to collapse, killing all the inhabitants in the end.


In the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom lies the ever-spinning tale of Ambrosia. Centuries ago, a meteorite crashed into the sea, and its husk formed an island. To mankind, this island was a bad omen, yet this alien to the world of man drew the gargoyle people, who gave it the name:Ambrosia. Though rarely occupied, the isle of Ambrosia served as a symbol of good fortune, as a land was created where previously there was none. During the cataclysm, however, this land from another world sank into the sea, and became a part of Britannian lore.

With the rise of the columns, the gargoyles' pride grew and they became discontent with man and his imperfections. In secret, far below the waves, the gargoyles built a new city, a place to call their own, and dubber it Ambrosia, in memory of the alien isle that sparked the dream. Beneath a grand and magical dome, the city of Ambrosia was born, its glowing spires safe from the history of man.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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  • While some have felt that instead of falling to Pride, which is a human anti-virtue, the gargoyles should have fallen to an opposite of the Gargoyle Virtues, it would not have made sense since the columns are created upon the corrupted Runes of Virtue. It could also be argued that they did abandon their Virtue of Singularity as a result of their Pride-induced schism.
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