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The Stranger holding a futuristic weapon, Ultima II

Due to the nature of the warped timeline during the times of Ultima I and Ultima II, many anachronistic weapons appear in these games. Most are quite powerful, and thus are not available to the player at the start of the game.

It was only after the defeat of Minax that these unusual weapons vanished forever.

The weapons include:


A personal firearm available during the First Age of Darkness. While unremarkable to people of our present, it is effective against the creatures of Sosaria.

Light Sword

A highly unusual and powerful sword found in both ages. (In Ultima II it required an Agility score of 39 to use.)


The strongest weapon available during the time of Mondain, the blaster is a hand-held weapon that can cause great devastation to foes at range.


Found in both ages (also spelled "phazor"), this is weapon is similar to the blaster, only not quite as powerful. During the time of Minax it is, apart from the Quicksword, the strongest available weapon. (In Ultima II it required an Agility score of 41 to use.)


  • As with other anachronisms of the first two games, the reality is that Richard Garriott was simply still trying to find the right direction for the series, adding in bits and pieces from what he saw in the world of entertainment at the time that inspired him.[1] Most futuristic items had vanished by Ultima III, when the design started to become more serious.
  • The sci-fi weapons are very likely inspired by Star Wars (Light Sword, Blaster) and Star Trek (Phaser).