Editable Codex
Aloron, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Kurak Tribe

Aloron is the chief of the Kurak Tribe and father of Aiela in Savage Empire.

Aloron was devastated by the loss of his daughter Aiela, and was desperate for her return. He told the Avatar that the Urali Tribe had been peaceful until Darden had become their leader. He only knew that their village was far to the southeast, but had not been able to find it. He knew that the warrior Topuru, the former shaman of the Urali Tribe, knew of its location, but he had gone mad and moved to a lonely island in the far north.

Aloron told the Avatar his tribe was in constant battle with the Yolaru Tribe to the east, as well as with the Myrmidex. He agreed to join the quest to rid the land of the Myrmidex if Aiela was returned to him. He also told the Avatar about the great drum that once stood on a hill near the city of the Nahuatla Tribe, and how beating this drum would summon the tribes to do battle against the Myrmidex threat. He told the Avatar to rebuild the drum to unite the tribes.