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Alina, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Alina is a woman living in Paws. She has a daughter named Cassie and is married to Weston.

When the Avatar met her in Ultima VII, Alina was desperate. Her husband Weston was arrested in Britain under bogus claims. She lived at the homeless shelter, where the staff were pressuring her to join the Fellowship. One pressure tactic involved the threat of withdrawing the shelter's services. She felt that membership in the Fellowship would be a betrayal to her husband. She also didn't trust their promise to help free her husband, since she knew that it was one of their members, Figg, who had caused him to be arrested.

She asked the Avatar for help. After talking to Weston in Castle Britannia's prison, the Avatar brought the case to Lord British's attention, who saw the injustice for what it was and had Weston pardoned. Alina was much happier when the Avatar returned to Paws and reported that Weston was now temporarily employed by Lord British and he would arrive soon with enough money that they could survive for some time.