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Alagner, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Alagner is a scholar living in New Magincia in Ultima VII. His knowledge is vast, and he sees through the lies of the Fellowship. He is very important on the quest for the Avatar.

Alagner left for New Magincia when he was no longer able to tolerate the corruption on mainland Britannia, seeing very well what was going wrong. He built his house and his storehouse on the island, and from a safe distance studied the Fellowship. He studied them, discovering their true nature, and how they served the Guardian. He wrote his findings down, and tried to find evidence that would convince Lord British to outlaw the Fellowship.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VII, and was in need of his notebook. However, Alagner would only part with it after getting the answers to Life and Death from Caine. When he got these (there were none), he gave the Avatar access to the storehouse with the notebook. That would be his doom, since the Xorinite Wisp sold the information to the Guardian, who in turn ordered Hook, Forskis, Abraham, and Elizabeth to kill Alagner, as the Avatar realized when trying to return the notebook, seeing the body and looking into Alagner's crystal ball.